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This is Samuel Gedeon from port au prince. 
He attended Eben ezer DTC, and graduated in February 2019. He is a monitor and preacher, and he has heard about the school through pastor Albert. 
He states that he has learned so much at the school that he feels more equipped to preach, and after he graduates he wants to come to the leadership class. He also wants to share what he has learned with other people.

Samuel was interviewed at Eben ezer DTC on Jan 16th, here what he had to say as his testimony:
"I was born in a non-Christian family. My dad was a voodoo priest and I'm his youngest child, But i was living with my mother and at a young age i had to leave her house and had to play as a DJ to provide myself because my mom couldn't support me. I was such a delinquent young man, but God had a plan for me.
My father as a voodoo priest had four children before me however he killed them as sacrifice to get more grade, he also wanted to kill me but my mother hid me from him. in 2007, although i was away from him he sent a terrible disease on me that made me became crazy. My mom went to see several voodoo priest but they couldn't do anything to heal me, she was very discouraged and thought that i wouldn't live. 
And one day while i was sleeping i had a vision where a voice told me to tell my mom to take me to a church where Sainsoir was the pastor and ask him to pray for me. I was afraid at first that no church would accept me because i used to persecute the churches in my neighborhood. Then when i told my family that, they all started to cry because they thought i was raving because I was going to die, but i told them no I was not gonna die i just had a vision telling me to do so, then they tied me and brought me to the church. When they arrived in the front of the church with me the pastor said them to untie me and let me get in the church, he stated that he had already had a vision about me, and he will consider me as his 4th child because he had 3 children. He made me stayed at his home for 8days and he didn't take anything from my family, he took care of me and pray for me, the last day when i had to go back home he sent me with a choir, surprisingly they were singing the same song that i had heard on my vision that day. So since then i was healed and never felt sick again, i also have been serving God since that time. I could finally understand that God had a plan for my life, he wanted to show me that he wants me to be his, and preach his gospel"

The voodoo is a very common practice in Haiti as you can notice, but God always defeat it and free the ones he wants to follow him, and it was the case for Samuel, God saved him from his own father, he turned him from a bad person to a man of God, since then he is following the words of God..



"My name is Wilhem Georges. I am a former student of Ebenezer DTC and am now working for the school in charge of evangelism. So now, I am responsible to preach the gospel with the students to people in the community on our evangelism day. Every Wednesday, the students at EDTC venture into the community and surrounding villages to share the gospel and pray for people. This is very special for me. All of the students are happy and proud because they are studying here. This is to say that the mission of Ebenezer DTC is doing very good work in the community and is really useful for the evangelical society. I have a lot of experience in the evangelical sector. I’ve had both good and bad moments. Thanks to God, I was able to be successful in difficult moments. I may even say that my life is similar to Joseph’s in the Old Testament. He faced difficult situations and so have I. Thanks to God, I am walking on his path and He is walking with me.

My testimony is this, I grew up in a family in which my father and mother were not Christians. They were Voodoo practitioners. My father was a Voodoo priest, but God kept me under his arms. My sister used to insult me when I became a Christian. She would make fun of me when I was praying. My par- ents did not agree with me preaching the gospel and serving the Lord. My father even tried to pre- vent me from serving God by taking all my church clothes. He was trying to discourage me from going to church. (In Haiti, it is very common that men wear suits and women wear dresses, so if someone does not have nice clothes, they simply will not go to church). God kept me by his love and grace and provided everything for me to keep on going to church. My sister has now been converted to Christianity. She was influenced by my motivation and will to serve God. At first she misunderstood me, but she finally got converted. Praise God."

Wilhem is an awesome addition to our pastoral and leadership team on the grounds at Ebenezer DTC. This is just a snippet of his testimony. God has done a miraculous work in Wilhem’s life and Wilhem knows what it’s like to battle against darkness. Despite Satan’s attacks against him and his family not treating him well, he is devoted to serving God and sharing about Jesus with everyone he comes across.


For many years, Christelle Carriès was tormented by demons. She had nightmares that caused her to wake up with a tremble. She often saw voodoo spirits chasing her and experienced feelings of intense pressure on her back, like an elephant was sitting on it. She would try to scream, but no sound came out. After a while, she felt exhausted and surrendered. “I desperately wished for solace, but I couldn’t find any,” said Christelle, a 25-year-old student of Ebenezer DTC.

One time, she had a nightmare that brought on a curse of sickness. She was at a voodoo ceremony, in which her family was feeding the spirits. “Before I realized what was happening, they began feeding me as well,” she remembered with disgust. The food turned into a snake as it went down her throat.

After that night, Christelle never felt the same.

“It felt as if my soul had left my body,” explained Christelle, using hand gestures. She started experiencing bouts of choking and a

sensation of critters crawling under her skin, especially on her back. She was sick constantly, and she couldn’t keep her weight on. “I looked like a skeleton,” said Christelle, reflecting on that time.

Christelle’s symptoms (signs) were so pronounced that her mother began to worry. She gave Christelle money to go to the hospital. But the hospital couldn’t find what was wrong with her. So, her mystery continued.

Desperate for a solution, Christelle began searching outside of her circle. She no longer took her mother’s advice, a voodoo practitioner, and found no hope in her father’s apathy towards religion. So, she decided to explore the Christian faith. “Something within me was intrigued by Christianity,” said Christelle, pointing towards herself.

So, for the first time in her life, Christelle walked into a church. It was a strange experience for her. “Mid-service I lost control of my emotions and started weeping,” she said. She left the service confused about what had just happened.

Christelle started regularly attending night services, where she was experiencing the power of God. She was receiving money from loved ones to see another doctor, but decided to bring that

money to the church as an offering instead. “I started having hope that my healing was near,” expressed Christelle with growing excitement.

Arriving at another night service, offering in hand, Christelle could have never imagined the freedom that awaited her. The Spirit of God was moving and the gifts of the Spirit were overflowing. That night, God revealed to the Evangelist the deep darkness within Christelle’s life. “He saw the battle taking place over my soul,” she said. Through the crowd, he bee- lined for Christelle and started praying over her.

The evangelist embraced her, trying to reclaim her from the evil spirits. He declared God’s deliverance for her. He then asked for water, blessed it and poured it over her back. “It felt like he was pouring alcohol over blisters. But I was sure it was a healing pain,” said Christelle as she gestured to her back. That night the demons had to flee and her sickness was no more.

Seeing the impact of the nightly services and her daughter's new found salvation, Christelle’s mother began to question her voodoo faith, and eventually, she accepted Christ as well.

While attending an Ebenezer church, Christelle heard of a Discipleship training that would help her in her walk with Christ and in her sharing of the Gospel. She decided this was exactly what she needed in her life. “Ebenezer DTC has made an immeasurable impact in my life, and I am forever grateful,” she said.

Ebenezer DTC has given Christelle a deeper understanding of the Gospel and how to reach others. It has enlightened her with the beautiful mystery of the Trinity. She now understands that God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit are three in one. She understands the negative power of gossip, and that it is weapon used to divide and destroy us. After the training, the Petit- Goave native hopes to reach her dad, her neighborhood, and her nation for Christ. 

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