Blue Bean Coffee -Fair trade-organically grown-100% Arabica coffee

Our History

In 2009 Ebenezer Discipleship Training Center was formed and its primary purpose is to train missionaries native to Haiti to bring the gospel of Jesus to the Haitians in their native language of Creole. It was during this time of formation that we were drinking this great coffee! We were made aware of the Haitian Blue Bean by one of our ministry partners, Mountain Man Ministries. Mountain Man Ministries is a radio ministry that seeks to bring the gospel to the remote mountainous areas of Haiti. In the 1940's Haiti was one of the largest producing countries of coffee. Years of political unrest, deforestation of trees and the natural disasters of earthquakes and hurricanes have left very few coffee bushes and farmers who knew the trade of growing coffee. 

Haitian Harvest

Haitian Harvest was formed shortly thereafter to purchase Haitian goods at fair trade prices and form partnerships with various Haitian vendors. It is the goal of Haitian Harvest to help the Haitians become self sustaining and rely less on foreign aid and handouts. 

Our coffee 

Haitian Blue Bean Coffee is a premium Arabica dark roast coffee grown in the mountains of Haiti, at elevations of 2000 feet or higher. Haitian Blue Bean is a low acidity, medium complexity, and has a smooth finish. Coffee is the biggest import for Haitian Harvest and we have partnered with Selecto Roasters in Haiti to re-establish coffee as profitable crop. Coffee is hand-picked, hand-sorted and prepared in machines from the 1800’s that have stood the test of time. Selecto roasts, packages, and imports the coffee and our partnership with them provides jobs for many Haitians from the farmer to those working at the roasting facility.

 A portion of the profits of our coffee sales are used to purchase more coffee seedlings. Those seedlings are planted in the areas that our missionaries from EDTC have had a major impact in, or where they have had a desire to see the church grow. Selecto provides the farmers the training needed to plant and grow these seedlings that will be fully producing in about 3 year’s time. In time these seedlings will provide substantial income for these communities and churches thus helping fulfill the goal of the Haitians becoming self sustainable. 





Haitian Harvest partners directly with Haitians to purchase their goods and products so that they can earn a living and support their families. Profits made go directly into buying more products and helps support the mission Ebenezer Discipleship Center. You can buy Moringa in the states but not at this price and it doesn't support the Haitian people

The Haitian Harvest initiative is not just about selling Haitian products, but investing in the people and communities that are making a difference in Haiti, and supporting the local church. This is just one example of how these partnerships help on many levels, while providing quality products that people want and need. 

What is Moringa?

Moringa Oleifera, commonly known as Moringa is the most nutritious tree found on the earth. Moringa is considered as the power house of Nutrients because the Moringa leaves contain more than 90 nutrients and 46 antioxidants. Moringa tree grows in tropical conditions and this tree is native to Indian and Africa.

Moringa tree thrives in dry conditions with very little amount of water. In African language Moringa tree is known as never die tree. This is because of its ability to survive in acute dry conditions.

Moringa Leaves are the most nutritious part of the Moringa tree and are widely used in salads, curries and chutneys in India. Nowadays Moringa is getting popular world wide as a nutrition supplements because of its very high contents of vitamins and minerals.

Moringa tree is cultivated either through its seeds. The benefit of the Moringa tree is that, all the parts of the tree are used and nothing goes as waste.

The Moringa tree bears very delicious fruits, commonly known as “Drumsticks” and they form a very important role in Indian cuisines ad they are also very much nutritious. The dried Moringa Pods (drumsticks) bears seeds and these seeds when crushed provides the wonderful Moringa Oil. Moringa Oil is used as a major ingredients in the cosmetic industry. The Moringa seed Powder is a rich source of plant based natural protein.

Haitian Harvest regularly stocks Moringa powder, supplement, oil and soaps.

Real Testimonials

"I had some spots of melanoma removed from my face, mostly my forehead. The surgery left some scaring and brown spots. I've been using the oil twice a day, morning and night for about a week now. When I told people why I was using it, they said "we don't see any scars" hmmmm..... I know I had some! LOL!!! Yep! I'm a happy camper!"

" I had surgery on my feet last fall. I needed this surgery because of arthritis in my feet. I also suffered joint pain in my knees and shoulders. Since taking Moringa I am virtually pain free. I have lots of energy and my hair, skin and nails have improved dramatically.  After about 4 weeks I really noticed the benefits. "


Haitian Pure Extracts

Our dark vanilla and almond flavorings are made by Selecto, our Coffee roaster. They also secure and export our clear vanilla. 


Almond Extract

Pure almond extract is made from three primary ingredients: alcohol, water, and bitter almond oil. The last is extracted from almonds or (more frequently) their kin, drupes, the botanical term for stone fruits such as peaches and apricots. The almond flavor comes from benzaldehyde, a substance in the kernels of drupes. Great as a flavoring for coffees, candies and baked goods.


Vanilla Extracts 

Vanilla extract is a solution made by macerating and percolating vanilla pods in a solution of ethanol and water. It is considered an essential ingredient in many Western desserts, especially baked goods like cakes, cookies, brownies, and cupcakes, as well as custards, ice creams, and puddings. Although its primary flavor compound is vanillin, pure vanilla extract contains several hundred additional flavor compounds, which are responsible for its complex, deep flavor. Because of the way that vanilla extract is made (i.e. by macerating naturally brown vanilla beans in alcohol), there is no possible way for it to be colorless or clear. Therefore, any "clear vanilla" flavoring is made with a synthetic version of the vanilla bean but is ideal for white frostings and cakes. It is said that Haitians often use rum to soak their beans instead of ethanol which gives it a distinct unique flavor.




Tin Art

The art of Haiti is known worldwide. One of the unique forms of art is the Haitian steel drum art. Metal drums, once used for transporting oil or other products are purchased near the port in the capitol city of Port au Prince. They are brought to the neighboring town of Croix-des-Bouquets by hand cart or on top of a taxi to the metal artists' workshop. Croix-des-Bouquets is the center of the Haitian metalwork movement. When driving through the primitive streets, one hears the sounds coming from the homes of various artists as they pound on the drums.

Using these recycled 55-gallon oil drums, the artist first removes both round ends of the drum and places these inside the cylinder along with dried banana or sugar cane leaves. He sets this on fire, to burn off any paint or residue. When cooled down, the artist then cuts the round drum from top to bottom. The flattening process is a sight to behold, as one of the artists’ helpers will climb inside the drum and using all his weight, push with feet, legs, arms and shoulders to open it up.  It is then pounded into a flattened "metal canvas" of approximately 3' x 6'. With chalk, the design is drawn onto the metal sheet. Now, the real art work begins. Using hammer, chisel and various primitive tools, the shape is cut and the various decorative patterns are pounded into the metal, creating a unique and treasured piece of primitive art. The finished design is signed by the artist and coated with a protective finish or painted.

Our Haitian artist has made unique tin art pieces that will look great in your home, front porch or garden.

Single words - set them on a shelf or hang them on the wall either by themselves or grouped together.


Arris Desrosiers

Arris Desrosiers is a Haitian partnership between Obed Arris and James Desrosiers. Utilizing recycled plastics and other materials, such as textiles and leather, they are engaged in the manufacturing of products such as backpacks, handbags, and other related items. It all started when James Desrosiers developed a passion for recycling. To give shape to his ideas, he solicited the help of Obed Arris to formalize what would become Arris-Desrosiers & CO.

If you have ever been to Haiti or a 3rdworld country, one of the things that you immediately notice is the enormous amounts of trash nearly everywhere. Part of what makes up this “trash”, are plastic water bags. Three bags of 9 ounce purified water is sold for 5 gourdes (8 cents) . You simply chew off a corner and drink the water. With no trash cans or accessible landfills, they are simply thrown on the ground.

Wanting to make a difference and serve God by taking care of planet earth they are turning “trash” into beautiful treasures. It also gives them the opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. They employ Haitians to bring in the disposed water bags. Then with a hot iron, they make sheets of plastic with these bags. From there the plastic sheets are sewn into one of kind backpacks, lunch coolers, computer bags, travel bags, bible covers, tote bags and many more items to come. Each one made is uniquely different and well constructed.  Help us support Arris Desrosiers and his staff with purchase of one of these items. In the country of Haiti, 80% of the people are below poverty level. This purchase puts Haitian people to work and gives them the opportunity to take care of their families.